Today’s Plan

  1. Breakfast
  2. Load of laundry into the dryer. Not a big deal, but the dryer is not in the house…
  3. Shower.
  4. Wash another piece of the tile floor.
  5. Load the car for the dump. The dump staff know me on a first name basis now.
  6. Pack lunch for me and mom.
  7. Go to the dump.
  8. Buy news paper for mom.
  9. Arrive at SNF. (11:45)
  10. Lunch with mom.
  11. Tell mom I am returning to the house to get the neighbor kid going on loading the firewood pile into the shed, and to work on the drain field. The kiddo does not need supervision. I will likely go for a walk.
  12. Also tell mom my husband and I are taking her out for dinner!
  13. Pick up hubby (2:30)
  14. Return to house. Take a first pass at the darkroom or upper barn.
  15. Return to SNF to collect mom for dinner. (5:00)
  16. Take mom back to the SNF. (6:30)

This give me two 1-1.5ish hour pieces of time with mom when we are engaged in what usually is a pleasant activity. If her claws come out, I’m going to ask her to retract them. If she doesn’t, I’ll tell her that I have to leave. I know it’s the disease talking to me, yet I’m not going to engage with her at the level I did yesterday. It’s too stressful, and there’s enough stress going around without taking on optional handfuls.

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