February 21, 2017, Post EEG

Mom was in a mini-dither as we tried to head to the hospital from the AL community. It was colder than she realized. Should she get her vest. All she had were her insurance cards. The policies were on the Island. What did I think about all these worries. I assured her it was all gonna be fine as I put the car in gear.

On our way there I pointed out amusing things to look at. She said she’d seen each one many times, which of course, she hadn’t. She also, thankfully, kept her prickles and sharp edges retracted the entire day.
Once we were in the EEG lab, the tech needed to ask a lot of questions that mom started answering incorrectly. Why she needed the EEG, what events had precipitated that need etc. I took over the telling of the tale. When the tech started asking about any heart disease, mom said “No.” I interjected that mom was on BP and cholesterol meds (both pointers to cardiovascular disease). It was at this point mom said, “I think the idea is that I answer the questions, not you.” I said, “Sure thing, Mom.” The next question was about what meds she took. Mom said she couldn’t answer that question, so I did, without any pushback. 
During the EEG I grabbed a salad from the cafeteria, and then enjoyed a walk. It wasn’t long after my return that the tech walked mom out to reception, and we took off. 
Mom asked where we were going as I headed for the highway. “The AL community.” I said. “Oh Good.” She responded. 😀
Toward the end of our drive mom asked me, “We talked about groceries, right?” I had to tell her we had not had that discussion. She segued to a list of things she needed from a drug store, and asked if we could make a stop. I, truthfully, had no idea where to find a drug store, especially within 4 minutes of the AL community. As I turned off the highway, she said, “So, we’re not going to find a drug store…” A tad of hostility, coated in dissapointment, came through. I said I thought we could, but needed to get us into the neighborhood. We found a drugstore easily. Mom had a very hard time finding her list, tho it had just been in her hand minutes before. Once she found it we slowly got the shopping done. She neither moves fast nor efficiently. 
I walked mom to her apartment. She put away the few things she bought, ate a fig, and said, “It feels like I haven’t eaten at all. Have I eaten?” I assured her she had lunch before we left. We looked at the activity schedule. She pointed to Card Sharks and said, “I really like that.” This is the first comment, the first admission on her part, to me, that she enjoys something at the AL community! She letting down her guard!

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