February 24, 2017 ~ Flower & Garden Show

Mom and I went to our regional flower and garden show on Friday. I usually attend three of the five days, taking in as many lectures as I can (many of which count for continuing education for my various horticultural certificates & licenses). This year I managed to attend one and a half days. S’ok! The up side of being there with mom was discussing the display gardens, which I purposefully didn’t view on my first day of the show. It was a delight that we enjoyed, and were baffled, by the same elements in most of the gardens. She had cogent observations about aesthetic and practical design considerations in many of the gardens, mirroring my own thoughts. In many ways, it was like hanging out with my mum of old.

Upon entering the convention hall, mom said to me, “We need to figure out where to meet if we get separated.” I was impressed. She followed me everywhere, rather than walk beside me, almost in lock-step. Granted the place was crushed with people, but even when there was room to walk side-by-side, she said, “You go first, and I’ll follow.” She needed to see the back of my head for security. Another example of binocular vision in dementia patients. She could keep her eye on me from behind, but not from next to me.

At lunch, in the middle of a shared table of strangers, she said she really wanted to get back home, and didn’t think she needed to stay at the AL community for much longer. She asked when the EEG results would be available. I again told her it would be about 10 days. She paused, and then asked, “From today, or when the EEG was done?” I said from when the EEG was done. Next was to confirm that her Island doctor was receiving the results. I reiterated who would receive the results, including her Island Doctor. 

We took in the rest of the gardens. She kept asking if we’d seen ‘this’ garden before. We hadn’t. After the gardens we wandered the retail for a while. I pointed out booths that I knew she’d like, while keeping the scope narrow. She finally asked me, “How much longer do you want to stay?” I replied I was ready to leave when she was. She was ready, immediately. It’d been two and a half hours including 40 minutes for lunch.

At the bottom of the three escalators, feeding us to the ground floor of the convention center, she rounded back on the EEG results. This time she was slightly cross and scattered asking, “So, don’t I have an appointment with Doctor on the Island for the results???” I had to explain again who we’d asked the hospital to send results to, and that her mainland Doctor would come to her with the results.

She called three times that evening asking variations of her questions. She rememberd 10 days, but thinks there’s an appointment on March 10th. She thinks there are notes regarding the appointment that doesn’t exist yet, and is sure those notes are on a calendar in her Island home where she hasn’t been since January 10th. 

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