Dipping back in…

This coming Wednesday will be the first time I’ve seen my mom in almost 3 weeks. The first week was by design (a needed break), and the last week and a half has been because I’ve been sick with a sinus/bronchial horror that has had me oscillating between self pity, and wondering how to market snot. Truly, if there were a market, I’d be wealthy woman. I think I’ll buy shares of Kimberly Clark… They say to invest in what you use.

Intel has it that mom continues to do well, calling fellow residents she attends activities with, “The Gang.” When mom calls a group of people “The Gang” it is the same as introducing them as part of her tribe. Further signs of her settling in.

I have a tentative trip planned to the Island in two weeks to adjust the heat (at the plumbing walls) at the house, see just how long two grapefruit & a head of celery can last in the fridge, and take a 1/2 yard of 5/8ths minus gravel up to shovel into the significant pot holes in mom’s drive. If it works out, I’ll also bring back a few pieces of her furniture for her apartment. Furniture moving is highly dependent on the weather. At the very least I bring her Bose back in the cab of the truck.

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