Mom called this evening to tell me Daughter #2 told her the EEG results were looking good, and it’d just be a matter of days before she could return home. This was a surprise as I talked to mom’s Island doctor’s office today, and they were, in that moment, unable to locate the test results. They asked me for mom’s mainland doctor’s info so when they get ahold of any information, they can fax him the results. They also told me mom called today for results, but did not leave a return telephone number.

Evidently mom asked Daughter #2 about the EEG results six times today. I’ll be taking mom to the walk-in clinic tomorrow to rule out a UTI. My girl is concerned that this confabulation of mom’s is akin to the confusion that elderly people experience with UTIs. Mom has complained twice in the last week of UTI symptoms, and then said the symptoms resolved upon being asked to pee in a cup.
Mom sounded 110% convinced of her story. It’s another example of her creating the reality she desires, despite evidence to the contrary, or lack of any evidence. When I said, “Your Island Doctor said if the EEG results were inconclusive, we’d need to do more tests…” She replied, “Oh yes, I suppose that’s right..” And then kept walking down her alternative fact path. 
I was proud of myself for not reacting viscerally to this conversation, but replying with, “Oh sure, let’s see what the reports says” and “That’s great news, mom.” 
When a neurologist, neuropsychologist, PCP, OT, SP and PT tell me my mom can live independently, I’ll cross that bridge… It’s that I know this will never happen that I can, sorta, take mom’s insistent and unbending will in stride. 

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