Today has every chance of going 1000% wrong. ‘The Freakout Potential’ is high. Mom could have a catastrophic reaction over:

     * Being told we’re going to the walk-in clinic to check her out for a UTI, telling us she Certainly Does Not need to pee in a cup!
     * Being told/reminded about her repetitive behavior yesterday. She will not remember asking my daughter about the EEG results six time but surely will remember…
     * Telling me my daughter said the EEG result looked good when I in fact will need to tell her she was told no such thing, and…
     * A return home not being on the horizon as more testing will be necessary if the EEG results are inconclusive.
I feel simple dread at the prospect of seeing my mom today, both because I don’t want to deal with the above, should it come to pass, nor my response to her if she gets nasty. In order to keep my replies in check, if mom does go sideways, leaving is probably my best option, after telling her why I can’t stay.

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