June 12 – Island Day One

Upon arrival another task was added to the list: Grass cutting. The exit drive makes it abundantly clear that no one is living here. I found the weed whacker, knew it had fresh-ish gas, and ran it until it was empty. The only other gas is of unknown vintage, and so not usable. The gravel, of which I brought up far too much of (funny how a gravel road seems so much worse in the depths of January), needs to be dispersed before I go to town for gas. At least I have the gas can and oil.

A high school classmate stopped by last evening. He thinks the two riding mowers may be viable. We then stumbled on a compromise grass slaying contraption that one walks behind with about 6 cutting ‘lines.’ Kevin asked if I had any gas (the contraption takes straight gas). He’s going to bring me a 3 gallon can this evening when he returns to start hauling out industrial sized pieces of iron that I didn’t know were behind the second barn. My father and Kevin shared a thing for welding. re-purposing. and a good deal. I’m happy, relieved even, that Kevin is going to make things out of the materials dad didn’t get around to using. Kevin is stoked to inherit dad’s rusting iron. It’s a win-win.

The house now has propane, but not hot water as the dinosaur instant water heater refuses to work. I think it may miss mom. I have a call into the appliance folks. I’ve started editing the contents of two buildings, but somehow can’t do it all in one go. I don’t know whether it’s because I have ‘Too much stuff to look at’ induced ADD, or can only work in the proximity of rat pooh and spider webs for so long.

As with the mainland house (tho I am not actively emptying this house), at the end of the day, or early this morning, I had amassed stacks of things to recycle, throw out, go to the food bank, donate, and just a couple of things to take home. It only took 15,000 steps.

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