Family Visit – Day One

My day launched when my daughter texted to share that mom was freaking out due to her brother telling her, the evening before via phone, that I’d told him she would need to be institutionalize for the rest of her life. On a scale of 1 to 10, my anxiety was at an instant heart racing 27. In that moment my uncle was walking off of a plane, cell phone still off. I waited an hour before calling again. I finally got through to my cousin, who handed his phone to his dad. My uncle was able to track what I was asking him… “Did you say this to my mom!?!?!?!?!” He hadn’t said anything of the sort. Mom told him ‘she’d be able to return to the Island in a few weeks.’ Her brother replied, “Oh, we’ll have to talk about that.” Mom blew this up into a complete confabulation, and then acted out on her invented outrage. While it’s true, mom isn’t safe to return home, we’re approaching her medical care in such a way that she can maintain hope while settling into the assisted living community. No one has ever said, “You can never return home due to your illness.” 

We meet for lunch outside the community tomorrow, and then head to our local museum. I am doubtful mine and mom’s reunion will go well. Should she get toxic, I will leave. 😢

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