June 16th, 2017 – Home Again

Waking up early allowed me to, barely, catch an earlier (three hours) boat. I was the third to last vehicle aboard, and being a 21 foot long truck, asking the universe for a big favor, until I set my parking brake, seemed to do the trick.

No sooner than sitting down with my husband, after unloading, my daughter called asking to borrow the truck and pressure washer. It meant we got to see her boyfriend, his daughter, and the grand-dog when they picked up the truck!

The Island, while presenting a host of challenges and unending tasks, is a relaxing place. The solitude, open spaces, including vistas, and the cessation of self-imposed urgencies, make for a soothing experience. Somehow, uncharacteristically, I am able to ‘be’ with what gets done, rather than stress over what doesn’t get done. I am working diligently on maintaining  sense of calm as I enter the coming week.

My mom’s brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and his girlfriend arrive from the east coast this week for a short visit. My uncle will call mom to tell her on Tuesday, giving her a mere two days to cycle, fret, and call me eight times a day regarding logistics. My aunt and uncle haven’t been here since the day after my dad died. At that time, they didn’t know my mom had dementia. It’s been hard for my uncle to absorb this loss. At some level he had a clue, but having to tell him definitively, was so hard. True fact, it was easier to tell my father that his dad had passed away than share with my uncle his sister had Alzheimer’s. We knew Grandpa, at over 100, was getting ready to head out. Mom is so vital, confused, but vital. Losing someone before they die is a harder wall to climb.

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