Family Visit – Day Two

Day two went better than expected, as it usually does. Upon greeting her brother at lunch, mom said, “I haven’t seen you since your hair turned grey!” She saw him four years, three months ago, and his hair was the same grey then as it is now. Charmingly, their hair color is almost identical.

After lunch we went to the art museum and enjoyed strolling the galleries. My cousin and his girlfriend scoped out the water front.

My big take away from the afternoon was how much dithering goes on on my mom’s side of the family. It reached a crescendo at the restaurant, after great buildup, when my uncle proclaimed we’d have to move tables if the waitress couldn’t keep the door to the patio closed. The same door she needed to go in and out of to serve guests. My uncle admittedly underpacked for what we consider lovely weather, yet didn’t remedy this situation via purchasing a fleece jacket, or something. So, he made everyone, or at least me, agitated by boldly complaining… There’s a term for folks like this. It was at this point I excused myself to the restroom. A familiar retreat.

It happened again as I tried to leave the museum, but this time over each detail of the following day (today). The questions were simple: What time would you like to get to the garden (that we’re touring)? What’s a comfortable time to meet beforehand? Eight thousand questions had to be asked, batted around, worried over, and analyzed to death, before I could turn to my mama and say, “I’ll pick you up at 9am” after which, I practically ran out the door.

So, this morning will be my first time alone with my mom since May 25th. My husband told me I was breaking the rules! True enough, but I’m not sending my NY family through our world famous morning rush hour traffic to pick up mom. They can take her back in our equally famous afternoon traffic.

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