Family Visit – Day Four

Overall, the day went well. Extrapolations from my Fitbit, estimate we walked mom at least 6000 steps. The festival we attended was underwhelming. We found a varied craft show going on in another building. It was incredibly noisy, full of people, and wonderful art. Mom got through it, walking in lock-step with me, surprisingly well.

The only thing mom said that stood out was, after returning from getting an ice cream cone with her brother, “Can you Believe how much ice cream they give you!!!!” Evidently it was far too much. (Later in the evening, when sharing this vignette with my husband, he perfectly channeled my late father by exclaiming, “They do it to offend you, Laura!”) I commented that it looked wonderful, and excused myself to the restroom…. When I returned, mom had all but consumed all that ice cream.

The communication anomolies persisted. Two of note were, a confusing explanation by my uncle of him trying to reach a cousin by phone the night before. When he saw his cousin had left him voicemail, he asked if we could pull over so he could return the call as it might be an Emergency! At this point we were late picking up mom, and I turned my uncle down, while saying, “I’m sure she’s simply returning your call.” He promptly whipped himself into a serious worry. My shoulders crept towards my ears. The day was just beginning. At the other end of the day, my aunt was asking me if one of my doctors was ‘in-network.’ From the backseat, with out context, my uncle starts fretting that this provider won’t be on my insurance plan for long! I, calmly, replied the provider had been on my plan for years and I didn’t think anything was going to change anytime soon. While I do my share of advanced thinking, running scenarios to ground, trying to anticipate all possible outcomes, I do not hop aboard the catastrophe train at every conversational opportunity. Even my mother doesn’t do this. I love my uncle, and he’s exhausting to be around.

It’s my observation that this visit was really good for mom. Whether it was about lots of outings, or time with her brother, I don’t get to know, and that’s OK.

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