Live From New York City It’s… Family Visit – Day Five

My cousin’s GF got sick yesterday right before their flight left, and the two of them stayed an additional night. Voice mail at 7:30 this morning (who knew silent phones would be such a necessity) from my uncle was full of anxiety about ‘she probably didn’t tell her parents, what if she needs to go to hospital, they won’t know what hospital to go to, or how to get there, we don’t know where they’re staying, we haven’t heard from them, be prepared to hear from them, they’ll need your help….’ These ‘kids’ are in their mid-30’s for Christ’s sake! In the middle of this long, hand wringing message, my aunt is heard to say, “Oh, here they are… they say, ‘Leave us alone, we’re sleeping'” From 3000 miles away my uncle continues to impact people due to, what I am now calling, his neurotic behavior. After texting with my cousin and his GF (after receiving verification they were up and about) I confess to being worried about dementia.

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