I am good at getting things done, crossing tasks off lists… Self-care sounds a lot like eating sorbet, and binge watching House of Cards, which seems far too self indulgent (tho I am watching the current season!). I’ve penned a list of general, and immediate self-care ideas as a starting place to help me adopt and live this notion of focusing inward. Some of these ideas were listed in my previous post:


  • Check mail at my POB twice a week. I filed my partnership tax return late this year due to all the shenanigans that were going on with mom. I was glad to have gotten it filed at all! The IRS’ letter regarding my truancy had been sitting in my POB for so long that I’d missed the ‘pay your fine by’ date. I called them and begged for mercy, which was granted. Bless them. The take away is, ‘don’t let the mail bite you in the ass just because you’re life is chaotic.’ Much better to take the time to check mail, even if it’s a strain, than deal with what might come next…
  • Pay mom’s bills once a week, if possible every two weeks.
  • Draw my sword against what’s left of the charitable solicitation requstest onslaught my mother receives once a week. I am now keeping these details in a spreadsheet with all the pertinent information, including when said charity told me they took mom off their solicitation list, name of the person I spoke with, and an entry for each contact with said charity. The overall assault has diminished yet it’s become a personal challenge to vanquish the final holdouts. 
  • File one day a week for both me and mom. Same day that I deal with charity BS.
  • Despite my right shoulder being in snit mode for over a month, I’m going to start swimming again, two days a week, at first. Perhaps swimming is the PT my shoulder needs!
  • Spend time with my grandson at least once a week, of course, if that works for his Mama and Papa.
  • Garden every day, at least a little bit.
  • Work on re-settling the house.
  • Walk
  • Sing
  • Blog
  • Sew
  • Color   
  • Keep up on design work.
  • Plan for our 10-day August camping trip.
  • Tune up our drip irrigation (meaning I don’t have to hand water).
  • Mitigate band drama.
While this is list of self-care goals, it is not soap operas and bon-bons. It feels like it’s gonna work for me, and that’s what matters.

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