Mom’s Island doctor emailed last night to let me know mom had called him. She pitched him reasons she felt she could return the the Island, and what she wants to do:

  • Volunteer at the library.  
  • She wants to mark time until the end, which is what she feels she is doing currently.  
  • She’s concerned about money, 
  • Yet would like to donate to philanthropic organizations on the island.  
  • She feels she is safe to drive.  
  • She feels able to care for herself.  
  • She said she’s still bereaved about my father’s death, but does not feel this a factor in her ability to live independently.

Her Island doctor advised her that he did not think that this is a wise idea due to increased social isolation, the driving issue etc.

Meanwhile, mom went to my daughter and announced she wasn’t staying at the AL community any longer. My kid looked at her grandmother and said, “When Dr. G writes to tell me you can go back home, I’ll discharge you.”

Late this afternoon I’m heading down to join mom for Tacos on the Terrace. I’m taking a friend with me, because, yes, I am gun-shy and don’t want to be alone with my mom, even in a sea of people.

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