Tacos on the Terrace

The evening went well. Mom, despite my daughter’s three reminders that I was attending, was surprised to see me. My friend Terri was a great buffer. On top of her own family and professional experiences with dementia, she’s a riotously funny troublemaker, and kept mom snickering. At one point she said to mom, “I can’t help it if you raised a liar…” while nodding at me. Mom laughed outright. Shopping with Terri is always an adventure, particularly if the store (think orange big box home improvement) has off duty cops working to keep shoplifting under control. Such targets are irresistible to her. She’s gonna get us in trouble some day! This evening her antics were just what the doctor prescribed.

This evening’s meal was accompanied by a professional drummer during dinner, which mom loved, a face painter, and a dance demonstration. Mom was having none of the face painting until I had a design done. Next thing I knew, she had a dream catcher on the left side of her face. I hope she has sweet dreams.

As 7PM approached I asked Terri if she needed to get back. She did. Mom wanted me to come to her apartment so she could give me a book for my husband. Terri came with us. She raved about Mom’s apartment, which really is nice. The only thing Mom said that came close to dialogue I was worried about was, “I don’t think I’ll be here very much longer.” Terri responded, “Well, I’m so glad I got to see you while you were here.”

Aside from asking me to remind her who Terri is (Terri is my mom’s mainland neighbor), her comment about not being at the AL community much longer, not knowing that I was attending, and needing to escape from being right in front of a speaker, mom didn’t initiate any conversation. She was companionable, and asked questions when she didn’t understand something. Terri, who has known my mom for 9 years, thinks she was on her best behavior. I think so too. And I think she enjoyed the company and the banter. We’re going to plan touring another of our regional gardens soon.

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