Driver’s license, and He said, She said..

A text from my daughter this evening:

“Grandma asked me to find out if her license is good or not. And now she knows it’s not. She’s fine about it, but she wants to try and get it back.”

I made a fast phone call to say, if mom is focused on getting her license back (which now that the deadline is four months past, I doubt is doable) it’s all on her. NO HELP FROM ANYONE! And when she demands why we won’t give her help, we ALL tell her, ‘If you think you can drive, part of the process is working out how to make it happen.’ She doesn’t have the sequencing ability to do this. It will cause her anger and frustration, and will cause us stress and angst. Chances are she’ll forget about the whole thing! Let’s hope, no, let’s pray!

Our conversation continued to the following…

Keep in mind:

  • Dr. G is her Island doc of the last 30ish years, and
  • Dr. O is her mainland doc since 2/1/17.
My daughter shared that, on top of the fact that her grandma had literally been stalking her all day, mom came to her with the following:
“I think that Dr. O and Dr. G have been talking, and they decided that Dr. G should tell me that I can’t return to the Island because I’ve known Dr. G for such along time. But that doesn’t really make sense because I haven’t seen Dr. G in years and years, because I’ve been so healthy!” Yesterday’s story was Dr. G had visited mom in the AL community on Tuesday. 
On top of actively declining memory, my daughter thinks mom’s amygdala region of the brain, responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ response, has been riled up by her actual chat with Dr. G, who did indeed tell her he thought it was unadvisable for her to return to the Island. It’s hard to hear about, and harder for my kiddo to handle (tho she does it well). My nurse girlie is out of the building for the next three days. I’m hoping, without a target, mom will settle some.

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