Mom’s still worked up about her talk with Dr. G

Evidently mom asked the concierge this evening why Dr. G had come from the Island on Wednesday (rather than Tuesday), and said ‘negative things.’ The concierge, not knowing that Dr. G had not been to see mom, emailed people of interest in hopes of helping mom out.

My daughter replied, letting the concierge know what the actual story is, (mom can’t remember the actual conversation she had with Dr. G by phone, just how it made her feel, and is therefore confabulating to fill in the gaps) and should mom ask again about Dr. G, the answer is: “Dr. O is your doctor now. You don’t need to worry about Dr. G’s opinion.” Given the conversation mom had with Dr. G, this reply is reassuring to her. While mom’s conversation with Dr.G sent her around the bend this week, I am thankful for his honesty with her. He has my and mom’s back.

While so much and many of my mother’s, mostly angry and defensive, responses to, well, anything have been difficult for me to take, without internal struggle, this simply makes me sad. From what we know, she’s asking the front desk why her doctor said things that upset her, in person. 😢

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