Island Bound: July 2017 – Day One

I’m attempting to make a shorter trip to the Island. A ferry lost its generator, so the sailing schedule is a mess.  Having made a reservation, I have ‘priority loading on a first come-first served basis’ for a boat that is now an hour late, and already 3.25 hours later than my intended boat. I had warning of all this last night, and so was prepared to entertain myself (beach walk, reading, writing…) while waiting.

This trip is mainly about vendors:

  • The appliance guy has been and gone already. Hopefully there is hot water and an opinion re the stove and oven.
  • The pest folks and I need to pow-wow about the shed, trailer and barns.
  • The chimney people will consult regarding a propane insert for the fireplace.
  • The neighbor who mowed last time will stop in. Hopefully I can put him on retainer.
  • This neighbor’s wife is interested in the trailer. 
  • The guy who worked on the grey water drain field will stop in to diagnose why the drain field is still not working.
  • My high school class mate may stop in to go through the upper barn. One daughter’s trash is another man’s treasure.
In between these appointments over the next 3.5 days, I have enough to do to keep me occupied, and out of trouble.

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