July 19, Island Trip – Day Two

Yesterday afternoon and today, so far, I’ve:

  • Met with everyone I expected to, including the neighbor who’s been mowing. He refuses to take money for his time saying that he told my mom he’d mow her place when he mowed his, and that was that. I am humbled.
  • Made a short grocery run on my way in from the boat.
  • Had the appliance guy come back out. He got the water heater running, but didn’t understand I was actually staying at the house, so he turned it off. The original instructions to this contraption do not include the very first step required to start it… Of course, the water heater decided to quit on me in the middle of my shower this morning (the corollary of instant hot water, is instant cold water). I can get the pilot lit, but can’t make it stay on. I’ll try again with the cover off (you’ve never seen an appliance looking more steampunk than this thing), while threatening its very existence, tomorrow morning.
  • Started cleaning the oven. The broiling pan (two pieces) is so horrible that I’m resorting to paint remover to clean it, if I can get the damn can open. Oven cleaner doesn’t touch it. There’s a theme here… It’s abundantly clear my mom (and possibly dad) hasn’t cleaned the broiling pan in years while cooking on it. Ewwwww!
  • Gone through a box of cards, editing out the freebies given to mom by charities. The rest are from family and friends over the years.
  • Taken a small load to the thrift store including a plastic filing cabinet my mom would never use.
  • Gone to the lumber company to get a variety of things. O-rings, to potting soil, to the aforementioned paint remover.
  • Transplanted 2 big plants.
  • Planted 15-ish cuttings that have been sitting in water. This will make it easier for the neighbors to water in my absence, and removes that anaerobic stinky smell my nose kept running into.
  • Looked through the upper barn. I’m going to need a dumpster.
  • Found my parents tax returns going back to 1973 (aside from 2009-2016, which I’ve done) with all the supporting records for each return.
  • Researched how long one needs to keep tax returns.
  • Found out there are no shredding services on the Island. Dang.
  • Cleaned the fire brick across the top of the firebox. Wiping away 92% of 30+ years of smoke damage makes for an amazing transition, and was easy with (wait for it!) oven cleaner.

  • Taken the business end of the line trimmer apart in prep to adding more line tomorrow, and then using it to make inspecting the grey water drain field easier.
  • Did a little rough gardening. Between the guy who’s mowing, and another neighbor’s son, who’s line trimming, the place really looks good! Cleaning grass up from around the lilacs and lavender seemed like a worthy add on to their work.
  • Been enjoying the deer. Usually I look at deer as dinner or garden destroyers, but there’s no garden here to ruin, and they’re helping with the ‘mowing.’

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