July 20th Island Trip – Day Three

I had a lovely dinner with Tim and Cindy last night, after which I caught the last of a live music-in-the-park show where I ran into neighbors.

Today I: 
  • Met with the neighbor who can work the grey water drain field magic 
  • Learned there’s a 200′ deep well on the property waiting for a pump (the house currently uses a ‘ground water’ well).
  •  Discovered the original well is uncapped (yes, that makes three wells on the property). That’s a 5′ deep hole in the ground, full to the brim, and capable of hiding bodies! 
  • Showed Tim around the upper barn, and was astonished to learn he’d never been in dad’s shop housed there, nor seen any of dad’s ceramic work.
  • Had Tim look at the water heater. It’s not gonna heat water until it gets worked on. Cool shower for me!
  • Did some weed whacking.
  • Cleaned the fireplace.
  • Went for a long walk with the neighbor ladies.
  • Hit the grocery for things like paper towels and aluminum foil.
  • Loaded the truck with milk crates, more than 40 years of tax returns, and an unfired ceramic platter my dad made, likely before he became ill.
  • Made and took phone calls.
At 7 I’ll head to another neighbor’s to return her copy of mom’s house key, and bring her a very fine bottle of whisky as a token of my appreciation for all of her help.

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