Mom’s Obsession

My daughter called me late morning today to let me know that mom is obsessing, to the point of paranoia, over who sent her Island doctor to see her last week. Recall, dear readers, that her Island doctor did no such thing. Mom called his office, and they spoke on the phone. Mom has been asking her granddaughter if she arranged the meeting, or if I did. This is all she discusses with the staff, and is back to stalking her granddaughter everywhere in the building.

My daughter called Dr. G’s office to ask if the doc would fax a letter to mom saying something along the lines of, “Your granddaughter reached out to me regarding my visit to you last week… While I know it seems very real to you, I did not have the pleasure of a personal visit with you. However, we spoke on the phone…” While we almost never ever want to turn the patients reality to our own, this is one of the exceptions. Should this letter not convince mom that no one put her Island doctor up to visiting her, medication intervention is the next step.

Mom is talking about hiring a lawyer to obtain a restraining order against Dr. G. My daughter talked mom off this ledge, but it’s gotten way out of hand.

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