July 21 Island Trip – Day Four

Last night I managed to get to bed before midnight, and with a 7:15AM alarm, was stoked about the possibility of 8 hours of sleep. A 5:40AM text from a friend leaked air from my bubble, closely followed by a call, on the house phone, from Jack, who tried to let me know my Windows computer was at risk. Gotta give it to Jack that his message did not waiver under the onslaught of my information (the Windows computer in this house hasn’t been turned on for months), or strong language… Imagine all the cuss words you’d rather not have hurdled your way. After telling him to remove this phone number from his ‘call list,’ I hung up, At this point, the sleep bubble had burst. It wasn’t quite 6AM.

The day, of course, was accelerated. I was able to get departure chores done early, and delightfully work on pruning dead wood out of the rogue rose, whose goal in life is to smother the shed, all before the neighbor’s son stopped in to go over work he can do around the property.

After Aiden left, I went into hyperdrive, finishing up last minute micro-bits, thinking I could catch an even early boat (recalling the ferry schedule is all goofy). Aiden’s mom drove up unexpectedly, and while I was goal oriented, spending time with her was what my heart needed in that moment. I ended up catching the boat I had hoped for, and spending 30 minutes with an amazingly beautiful introspective person was the sunshine in my day.

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