It’s been amazingly quiet since the end of July. My husband and I find ourselves camped, in our antique trailer, on the coast, a state a way from mom. We didn’t have to postpone this trip, not once! The cat gave me pause the day before we left, however… Turns out he was simply being lazy in our unusual heat wave, rather than ill. This is an animal who doesn’t usually sack out for 6+ hours a day in the same place. Assuming everything remains the same, we’ll return home on the 17th.

Since I last posted, the city came, at my request, and removed two trees from the ravine behind our home. We’d been hearing a creak/groan from an unknown source when sitting outside. Just over two weeks ago we decided we really needed to know what was causing the sound. A 85 foot tall Big Leaf Maple had a 20 foot crack in it, with auxiliary cracks on either side of the main split. We walked the perimeter of our property to inspect the rest of the city’s trees in striking distance of the house, and found a hemlock in similar condition. While devastating to lose such majestic native trees, we are sleeping better at night.

On Monday, our house sitter called to say the house next to ours had caught fire, and the tenant was removed from the structure in handcuffs. Among other things, we have learned the tenant was running the house on a generator, due to not paying the electric bill, which is why their sewer pump stopped working. The same sewer pump that’s next our place… We’ll handle anything we need to when we return. Meanwhile, our house sitter has placed cat food and water on the neighbor’s back  deck for their cat, who now we assume has been abandoned.

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