Mom’s Obsession III

A call yesterday from my daughter let me know, among other things, that mom ‘freaked out at her,’ but only for 15 seconds or so. Evidently this was precipitated by my kiddo’s facial expression. After telling her grandmother that she certainly wasn’t flashing pained looks in her grandmother’s direction, mom launched into her latest confabulation. Mom insisted that when her Island doctor visited her, he said if mom tried to return to the Island, he would take legal action against mom. This situation has officially shifted from paranoid to delusional.
My daughter talked her grandma down quickly. The problem is my mama can’t remember these frequent conversations. Her reaction to her own mis-memory is causing her significant and repeated distress. The neurological nurse practitioner has been asked to evaluate mom when he’s next in the community. Medication intervention is looking like the kindest option to alleviate this situation as mom can’t retain that her Island doctor never came to see her, much less that he has never made ever shifting and outrageous assertions.   

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