September Island Trip

Well, depending on whether I can move my ferry reservation, I may be going to the Island on Thursday, rather than Friday. I’ll find out on Wednesday (tomorrow), early.

This trip is a week long and will address:

  • A definitive solution for the water heater…
  • Finding out how much and what it will take to hook up the drilled well.
  • Looking for paperwork regarding the drilled well. I know where to start.
  • Meeting the property manager, and off loading tasks to into his capable hands.
  • Plumbing and electric ‘look-sees’ in preparation for the propane fireplace insert.
  • More interior painting.
  • Weed whacking, always.
  •  A dump run, no doubt.
  • Looking at a zillion floppy disks….
  • Trying a different strategy to rehome the trailer.
  • Apple picking!
  • Rose pruning.
  • Working on a client’s design.
  • Hitting a new brewery with Tim & Cindy (even tho I don’t drink beer!)
  • Walking with the neighbor ladies.
  • Fill in the blank _______.

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