September Island Trip – Day One

It’s been a long and good day. Rising at 5:45 is not my usual MO, but it was easy after a good night’s sleep, and having prepared well. The ferry was a mere 20 minutes behind schedule (rather than the 3.5 hours experienced on my last crossing to the Island!).

Since arriving:

  • The truck is unloaded, food stowed, shoes lined up, and drinking water deployed. 
  • Window and doors are wide opened… I now have the company of a few yellow jackets, but the house has cooled off.
  • Hot water has been restored, and a detailed discussion worthy of documenting in MS Project as to next steps should the f#k$n!)g thing fail again.
  • The apple trees (4) have had the clunkiest of the deer ravaged branches cut back in order to get an orchard ladder into the trees to both further prune, and pick!
  • The rose has had one of many session of ‘dead wooding.’
  • The ceiling as been Webstered. This in prep to do some painting. The Webster has been cleaned (think sooty cobwebs), because… I have HOT water!
  •  The public rooms are dusted.
  • The plants are watered.
  • The desk, my grandfather built for my mom when she was a child, is set up with my laptop and some elderly, but totally functional Sony speakers. The jumbo envelope and paper tablet collection found space in the desk, freeing most of the desktop! I have work to do while I’m here…
  • My parent’s Wonderful neighbor stopped by. We have hatched a plan for grey water mitigation, oh, I mean roof water drainage, while I’m here.
  • I’ve discovered a leak where the kitchen sink drain plumbing assembly attaches to the sink. If the problem was part of the actual (plastic) piping, I’d fix it myself. This problem is being added to the property manager’s list! I’ll use the smaller disposal sink meanwhile.
  • Dinner plans have shaped up for tomorrow with Tim, Cindy, their daughter-in-law, me, and my husband, who arrives tomorrow.

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