September Island Trip – Days 2 & 3

Mostly in order, the following has gotten underway, happened, and been enjoyed yesterday and today:

  • Yesterday:
    • The water heater crapped out on me toward the end of my shower. Grrrrr. This time, however, I convinced it to light again, and have discovered that the water heater wants the door to the closet it resides in to remain open when it’s under high demand. Obviously a draft issue. It’s days are numbered. 
    • Started washing the walls in mom’s bedroom in preparation for painting. The magnitude of oily, sooty smoke damage will never cease to amaze me.
    • Took the orchard ladder up the orchard. 
    •  Called the food bank, and discovered they do take frozen food.
    • Took the sheets off the bed to discover a terribly stained mattress pad from when my poor dad was having incontinence problems. I found myself angry with my mom for a moment, like, what was wrong with deploying stain remover and bleach to aid my father’s dignity? Then my rational side nudged me: she has dementia, and was barely capable of caring for dad, much less wielding laundry products like a 1950’s housewife (which she never was, but it makes a good image). I dispensed the laundry products, and can kinda hear my dad saying, “Thanks Pal.”
    • Took frozen food to food bank.
    • Found parking on a holiday weekend in town!!
    • Bought a backgammon board.
    • Walked to the ferry terminal to pick up my Sweetie, and then went out to lunch.
    • Once back at the house, my husband kept up the wall washing, while I painted behind him. It was hot enough that waiting for the walls to dry was not an issue. We got half of the room done.
    • Tim lost track of our dinner plans, so we got together with them at a small brewery for a visit, and then the two of us headed to an amazing sushi place for dinner.
  • Today we:
    • Washed the rest of the walls in mom’s bedroom.
    • Painted the rest of the room.
    • Finished washing the waxed wood floor under where the furniture resides in mom’s bedroom. It has grooves between each plank. Each groove was filled with compacted dust, cemented with soot. I’ve gone through a gallon of vinegar pursuing floor remediation. 
    • Looked for the drilled well paper work in the dark room (DR) office. Fail.
    • Found two additional years of tax return documents in the DR office.
    • Found lots of antique software and computer accessories to take to the dump as well.
    • Found a leak in the DR office. Like a thin sheet of water across the floor that certainly wasn’t there in July. Am pretty sure it’s a tightening job.
    • The leak, I’m pretty sure,  has caused black colored mold (not all black colored mold is the dreaded Black Mold) to show up on the sheetrock, floor to ceiling.
    • Bombed for the brown recluse spiders that have made the DR office their Island strong hold.
    • Found a skeletonized rat in a snap trap as we moved things in the DR office. It’s impossible to say how long it had been there.
    • Met with the company that drilled the deep (300′ it turns out) well. They’re going to give me a quote to finish the project. 
    • Searched the upper barn (shed too) for plumbing wrenches. Fail. Found 3 additional years of tax return docs….
    • Tried to vet the 100ish floppy disks that came out of the DR office. My external A: drive seems to have given it up… I’ll try to obtain a replacement.

Now it’s time to play some backgammon and pop the cork on our anniversary bottle of champagne, a few days late.

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