September Island Trip – Days 4 & 5

  • Immediately after excavating the grey water system, my parent’s Wonderful Neighbor pondered out loud, “I wonder where your electric ties in to your transformer…” We stopped all work. After calling 811 (utility locator service) to file a request, I learned they informed the county public works department of the request. Basically, we don’t want to get caught doing what we’re doing. So, being the careful people we are, we confirmed our story, which is what I told the 811 operator: “We’re working on managing the roof water runoff in order to mitigate the standing water under the house.” I looked our our huge hole in the ground (it would swallow my truck), full of water in a state that hasn’t seen rain in over 60 days and said, “How are we gonna explain that?” We filled in the hole, undoing all of our work. Should the county actually show up, which the Wonderful Neighbor doubts very much, I can handle them.
  • I had a lovely dinner with a neighbor who has walked the dementia path with two of her family members. She simply gets it. It’s easy to be with her.
  • The property manager is a keeper. His references weren’t kidding. This guy thinks outside the box in a way I appreciate, and has deep Island roots. We now each have our assignments, and of the tasks on his list that he’ll sub-contract, I know all but one of the tradespeople. And, his rates are reasonable. 
  • I bought more paint.
  • The hallway is prepped for painting.
  • The leak at the lower barn is fixed.
  • There are no more spiders in the DR office.
  • Most of the cuttings I potted up in July have been adopted.
  • Air was added to the pressure tank and now there’s actual water pressure! The washing machine fills up in less than 40 minutes. It’s a miracle!
  • Ash was falling from the sky yesterday, and the air quality was so poor, that I stayed inside when possible.
  • While sawing a dead branch off of a lilac, I discovered a ground wasp nest. The wasps were not impressed with my pruning. There was a canned anti-wasp solutions in the shed…
  • The electric lines to the house and barn, it turns out, are not in the way of our project. We’re waiting on the phone company to do their thing before resuming.

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