September Island Trip – Day 6

After being up far too late last night (this morning), I was woken up by a 7:30 call from someone I needed to hear from. This person has belongings in the upper barn, but I don’t know what’s his and what’s my dad’s stuff. He’s going to meet with the property manager to consolidate his stuff, and thinks he’ll have his shop space ready for occupancy in October. While this little info-bit sound minor, it’s actually big.

Other happenings:

  • While painting the hallway,
    • The propane company came for their look-see. They’re going add yet another propane tank at the house as one-120 gallon tank will not last a month in the winter. No charge!
    • The electrician came for his look-see. He was full of great advise, including replacing the water heater with a propane unit.
      • In case I haven’t expressed this enough… The Island tradespeople are simply amazing. How wonderful to have the electrician wax a little about my dad.
  • Town was next,
    • A stop at the saw shop to check in with the mechanic who came to the house to look at the dilapidated riding mowers. I found the paperwork for the John Deere and he was able to confirm parts aren’t available for it. Then he showed me new Toros! 
    • I found miso at the second market on the Island, and a nice piece of salmon.

Other happenings:

  • Two loads of laundry.
  • A successful finish to the lilac branch removal. Meaning the ground wasps are no more.
  • Moved many, many things from the house to the shed. The house is not a shed. Shed things belong in the shed, not the house.
  • Started packing a few things in the truck.
  • Had a nice visit from a neighbor and her grand kids. We strolled to her place and I got to see the work she’s just done to her frontage. A profound change.
  • Had a lovely dinner with Tim and Cindy. They were bowled over by the changes at the house. Mainly how clean and open it is.

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