September Island Trip – Day 7

Today isn’t over in terms of things to do, but I have a few minutes to write. (Haha, started this post four hours ago!) Having gotten to bed before midnight, I got up early. Funny how that works! Before heading to town I:

  • Called the stove guy, leaving voice mail, to update him on how things went with the propane and electrical folks, and ask for an install date.
  • Texted the appliance wizard regarding what sort of water heater had been recommended as a replacement.
  • Made sure key copies worked.

In town I dropped of a few things at the thrift store. Once back at the house it was time to:

  •  Pick apples and plums (maybe 70 pounds total) and continue to prune dead wood out of the trees as I went.
  • Have some cold delicious lunch.
  • Load the truck with recycle and trash from the house, shed, both barns, and the DR office. This took two hours.
  • Clean the concrete pad between the two barns.
  • Weed whacked. Then
  • Found another wasp nest. They were none too please with my activities. I moved my operations to the east.
  • Took a well deserved shower.
  • Swear at the water heater as it crapped out on me. At least it’s maintaining it’s new found social filters and quits after I turn the water off.
  • Meet with the property manager and one of the neighbors.
  • Meet with our Wonderful Neighbor.
  • Go for a long walk with the neighbor ladies.
  • Pour some antique gas down the wasp next, and quickly retreated inside.
  •  Have a glass of wine.

Next up is to:

  • Strategically deploy bleach on some suspicious mold.
  • Bravely peek under the floor of the house.
  • Have some dinner.

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