Small Fall

Yesterday while standing on the uneven grass on the playing field outside the gate to her community, mom leaned over to pickup a chestnut, and fell to one knee. As she tried to recover, she went the rest of the way down, and couldn’t get up. The staff member, who was with mom, was unable to help mom up, and asked her to sit for a few minutes. After resting, and with help, mom was able to get back to her feet. Upon returning the community, mom’s vitals were fine, and she was given vivid blue sports drink to make sure her electrolytes were ok.

In discussing this with my daughter, we’re both of the opinion, due to observation, that mom has no core strength, and despite walking, very little leg strength. My kiddo also offered that mom’s unsteadiness may also be due, in part, to neuro-muscular degeneration.

Mom has a difficult time getting up from the couches in her community, and then does a wonkey walk for 25 feet or so before getting her ‘sea-legs’ under her. From there on, she as OK as she gets, which is with a different gait than she used to employ.

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