Data points:

  • We just installed over a 1000 square feet of hardwood in our home.
  • Our vacuum, after multiple part transplants, it still not running optimally. The powerhead, for carpets, has annoying and unfixable habits. As a hardwood vacuum it does just fine.
  • We have been tossing around the idea of having a vacuum for each level of the house.
Just now, I came across our Roomba (robotic vacuum good for light weight cleaning, which could reduce the need to vacuum the wood floors with a real vacuum by 50%), which our grandson, in his exuberance, damaged some time ago. Our Roomba now limps as it cleans. 
About 4 years ago mom gave me her Roomba, instructing me to see if a child would like it after replacing its charger. She couldn’t find the charger in either house, nor could I. Mom’s Roomba has been sitting on a shelf in the garage since she handed it to me. The kids were not very enthusiastic.
My brain clicked into gear, upon seeing our limping Roomba. I thought, “I wonder if our charger will charge Mom’s Roomba!!?? Then I could have a wood floor vacuum that doesn’t limp! Mom’s Roomba was right where I left it. Included in the bag was an extra filter, and beacon (to keep the vacuum out of certain areas), a brush cleaner, mouse poop, and its charger!
Now two Roombas are charging, and will audition their skills, hopefully, later this afternoon.

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