Roomba 3 (Sewing Machine 2)

After running through many a diagnostic with a tech last week, it was determined that both Roombas were dead, for different reasons. One went down to actual robotics, and the other to battery corrosion, which cleaning to the best of my pretty darn good ability, didn’t fix. We even swapped the robot’s batteries (Dr. Frankenstein like) to no avail. The new Roomba, yet to be named, arrived yesterday, and while not yet hooked up to the app on my phone (yup, there’s an app for that), did an amazing job cleaning the upstairs. This is a solid win, a completion, in all the moving, and elusive targets that make up my day!

And today, I pick up my new sewing machine, as my go-to machine had a seizure that wasn’t worth repairing, given it’s age and initial cost. No, ‘Sewing Machine 1’ was never written about. It was too traumatic, and this way y’all get to hear about the happy ending, rather than the angst that lead up to the joy. 😂

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