Island Electrical

The Island electrician just called to ask some questions, and tell me a few things, such as:

  • There were live hot wires under the house, just laying on the ground. The same ground that is covered in water every winter.
  • There were also dangling wires under the house, that once properly hooked up caused long dead outlets to function, and will allow for an additional wall mounted light (there is a distinct lack of lighting in the house). Funny how hooking up wires makes electricity flow.
  • A circuit in the electrical panel was flipped off. When turned on, it made the panel hot! The electrician was flabbergasted. This circuit has been removed from the panel. 
  • The above also compromised the switch to the outdoor light. We brainstormed a workaround for this, as one really needs an outdoor light next to main entrance to a building. 
  • There were no GFI outlets in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • There are 4, possibly 5 circuits in the kitchen. Normally a kitchen has two circuits.

This list of electrical dysfunction is not entirely my parent’s responsibility, but a fair amount is. The electrician said in 25 years of practice, nothing surprises him any longer, except maybe that more people haven’t been killed, or houses burnt to the ground.

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