Urgent Care Visit

My daughter called me yesterday to say mom needed to go to urgent care to have her ankle looked at, and further that mom was in a fair amount of distress over her affliction. When I saw her on Sunday, she said her ankle was bothering her, but she was also boogying a little to the music. I was stunned to see how badly mom was limping. She tried using me for support here and there, but ultimately groused that my help didn’t make any difference. Her risk of falling has increased immeasurably.

At urgent care mom was turned around in telling the details of how this injury came about. She said her foot had been this way for more than a week. I gently inserted how she’d been 5 days earlier, for the doctor’s information. She took that in stride. She said she turned her ankle, then she said she fell. She was unable to tell the nurse what meds she took aside from thyroid. As she told him what she wasn’t taking (and that she only took 4 pills a day) I gave him the imperceptible head nod as he asked her about each med. The staff was great with her.

Upon examination it was revealed that the side of her heel is causing the pain, but only when she stands on it. The doc couldn’t find a ‘hot spot’ otherwise when palpating her foot. The x-ray was negative, which I figured it would be, but will be read by a radiologist for good measure.

The doctor said to stay off her foot, see the podiatrist week after next, and use a cane for stability. Mom refused the cane idea, but I hear she has agreed to use a wheelchair this morning. A relief I’m sure for her, and certainly to me as it lessens her fall risk.

On our way back to the AL community mom said, “I’ve forgotten why I’m living at the AL community.” I took a deep breath and replied, “Well, recall those two car accidents earlier this year… And we have the neuropsychology appointment next month…” She interuppted with, “Oh, I talked to Dr. O the other day, and he said I didn’t need to go to neurology, that I can go home right now. But I decided a couple of weeks ago to wait until this foot thing gets resolved. And I can drive. That’s all settled. Not that I’ll drive far, you know. Maybe just off the Island to get to Costco. That’s all. So I won’t be a burden to you. I’m going to start looking for a car, a VW…” Oh, mmm, really, uh huh, have become my safe words. It’s taken me a long time to learn not to try to turn her to reality. It’s a calmer place to reside.

Once back at the community, we settled into happy hour where an acquaintance of mine was preforming his Neil Diamond act. When it was over, mom gimped off to dinner, and I went home.

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