October Island Visit – Prelaunch Day

The 18 things on today’s list have been whittled down to two (pack electronics, and fold a tarp). I am happy to have so much day left. Tomorrow’s four day trip to the Island includes:

  • Getting the permit for the propane insert install.
  • The finish of the electrical work.
  • Meeting with the other well company on the Island, as the folks who drilled the well have yet to provide a bid for hooking it up.
  • Grey water drain field (finger’s crossed).
  • Painting my old bedroom.
  • Meeting with the property manager.
  • Seeing a play.
  • Meeting with the heating contractor the amazing appliance guy is referring me to regarding the water heater… Yup, the water heater that will likely be the last thing repaired/replaced in the house.
  • Insulating around capped off water pipes in the lower barn.
  • Emptying the trailer.
  • The actual propane insert install itself.
  • Installing a new light on an old, but freshly hooked up electrical box!
  • Other chores too numerous to mention.
  • A walk with the neighbors. 

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