October Island Visit – Day One

Yesterday was about adjusting my expectations. My biggest reason for being here is the install of the propane stove insert. Due mostly to managing this project from afar, but also to things like the house’s electrical panel being such an antique that the new circuit that needs installing must be sourced rather than picked up at the hardware store, the install has slipped two days, meaning I’ll be here an extra day.

Of the projects that are underway, none of them are finished, except the moving of the trailer, including the roof, tiling, and electrical. Pieces of the propane install are done: The propane line is in place! I put in the permit application for this project yesterday. This was suppose to have been taken care of by the contractor weeks ago, and is a sub-reason that we’re not on schedule,  electrical being the first. All of this is a lesson. It’s the lesson of my life: If I walk into a situation expecting things to proceed or be a certain way, those things are garunteed to proceed or be a different way, leaving me frustrated. Now, in my 50’s, I’m working hard on recognizing when this is the case and mellowing out. I’d like to know if I was the sort of little kid who needed transitional time between activities, but mom won’t remember.

I got the trailer emptied yesterday. It’s a large coach, and my folks had put something in every cabinet. It was super cool guest house at one point. Yesterday’s exploration of each nook and cranny created four full large garbage bags of rat loved trash, plus the porta-potty, which still had liquid something in it. Magazines in the trailer suggest it hasn’t hosted a human occupant since 2001. I kept a duffle bag my dad made when he was crewing on sailboats, a bowl I ate cereal with as a child, and two framed prints, one of which has a letter to my parents on the back of the frame.

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