October Island Visit – Day Three

Today has been busy (duh). Starting fairly early, I got the next section of my old bedroom washed down. By the end of the day, I’d painted that section and washed the remainder of the room, which is now drying under the supervision of an oscillating fan. This room, mom’s office for years, is being painted in fits and starts because emptying it would necessitate dismantling a very large desk. I’m not gonna go there.

While this blog is not about product endorsement, I discovered that Spic And Span is the best sooty wall cleaner to date, And you don’t have to rinse it off, unlike TSP. It eliminates a step. Further, the box sports the magic words I’ve been longing to see since undertaking the rehab of this house, “Safe for waxed floors.” Be still my heart. Kills soot on waxed floors!

The electricians arrived for round 2 at 9:45. They were amazing. Now every outlet works, every switch has a purpose, a few things were replaced, like the switch whose guts were rusty, discovered while I was painting, and the place is as up to code as it can be. The fan over the stove top works. The guys told me the wire for the fan was one of the ‘danglers’ under the house. It was then I realized the stove fan was what mom had been gnashing about many years ago… She complained that dad wouldn’t hook up the fan, because it meant going under the house. For some reason, I thought it was a fan for the fireplace. The entry door has a pleasant new light, probably the fanciest thing attached to the house. Lighting choices are very limited on the Island. A simpler fixture cost the same amount, and this one had a square escutcheon, so what the heck. Tomorrow I’ll remove the prison yard, motion detector lights that have been plugged into a non-GFI exterior outlet for decades.

My late former husband and I built houses for 12 years. My understanding of how building inspections proceed is very linear. The stove contractor was still perplexing me this morning. How the inspector can inspect the interior propane line once the insert in installed doesn’t make sense. I called the county, talked to the inspector, who put me on his schedule, and came by with his magnifying glass. He told me the property was out of compliance as there’s no address marker at the entrance drive. Think first responders… A job for the property manager. The insert goes in tomorrow, but it’ll be until my return that a final inspection happens, at which point the stove gets fired. Paying someone to hang out until the inspector shows up isn’t a good use of funds.

The water heater is now losing it’s pilot light for sport, and no follow up from the referred plumber. Granted the power was on and off all day today, meaning I may have missed his call. I’ve left voice mail. This project may slip again. Ooooommmmmmmmmmmmm.


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