October Island Visit – Day Four


  • My old bedroom’s paint job was completed, and the louvered closet doors, which I took down and scrubbed soot, dust and spider webs off in the rain, were reinstalled. The furniture is back in place. It looks pretty respectable, particularly now that the somewhat smoke stained (but clean) curtains hang next to newly white walls.

  • The amazing neighbor and I tromped further down the lower five acres than we have in the past looking for a place to extend the grey water drain field. He pointed out a huge rock formation (that has a couple of Adirondack chairs in its future) I’d never seen before, and said he thinks the formation is creating a bowl, creating poor drainage by trapping water above the formation. He’s going to wait until the rains really start, so he can observe how the drainage actually moves over the land. Then he’ll do some exploratory surgery with his track hoe, before committing to the placement of the new drain field.  
  • The propane insert is in and running. I asked the installer if we had to wait to until final inspection to run it. He assured me we didn’t. I get a different answer from each person I talk to. The insert is pretty amazing.

  • I went to the dump.
  • Am treating my self to take-out sushi, which I fetched before attending to the following.
  • With help, I loaded dad’s final ceramic piece into the back of the Subaru. It’s protected with rolled sleeping bags. The goal is to get it to our friend, who has a kiln big enough to fire it, this weekend. For scale, the top of this piece, measured from the side you can see to the back, is 36″.

Big things still pending:

  • Water heater.
  •  Ceiling painting
  • Fireplace surround (I know know it’s gonna be tile)
  • Drilled Well hookup

Time for that sushi.

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