Doing Better After One Night!

Thursday 10/18/17

Evidently the night brace mom is wearing, after just one night, is helping. She, of course, was found walking to breakfast both wearing the brace, and using the light weight wheelchair as a walker… A dangerous combo, as the brace keeps her ankle at a 90 degree angle. When my daughter reminded mom she only needed to wear the brace at night, mom had a mini-eruption at her. My girl referred to her notes from the appointment with the doctor, showing them to mom, who then apologized!!!

PT will come to mom. Because of mom’s dementia, she qualifies as ‘house bound’ in terms of her insurance coverage. I think this will work optimally as there will be a direct relationship with the therapist, sans car rides with me to and from appointments, which would distract mom, pulling her into her usual conspiratorial conversational loops. When I see her I’ll ask her to show me her exercises. She can teach me something new!

I’ll get an update on mom’s progress in the next day or so.

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