October Island Visit – Day Five

The wind went from steady to whistling somewhere during the 5AM hour. From then on dozing was as good as at it got. I rose at 7:15, after attempts at ignoring my alarm, and got going. Leaving the Island property is involved, particularly as the weather starts cooling off. “Clearing” each room works best for me.

Due to the weather, the ferry was expected to short load (take on 9-12 fewer cars in order to keep the bow of the vessel empty), and run late. I took an hour and a half to, among other things, pack the last of my things, load the car, hand wash, dry and put away dishes, eat watermelon as I checked email, take a sweep through the barns and shed, make sure the pilot light was out on the new stove (insert), set the tempature on the bathroom and kitchen space heaters (to keep the plumbing from freezing), and pause to soak up the place. Like last time, I didn’t want to leave, yet very much wanted to get home. I was the third vehicle to load on the boat, which did indeed leave a little late.

NPR kept me entertained on the much slower than usual drive. Dad’s ceramic piece deserved a careful ride home. There’s a stretch of our highway that feels like driving over a washboard. Taking that area slow kept the car from vibrating. We, me and the ceramic piece, got home in one piece. After unloading the car, and enjoying endless and predictable hot water, I took a two hour nap. It kinda reset things.

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