November Island Trip – Prelaunch

This week’s trip should accomplish the following:

  • Obtain a final inspection for the propane insert.
  • Pick up the remote for the propane insert.
  • Obtain a bid for finishing the drilled well installation from a contractor who’s interested in actually doing the work.
  • Obtain a bid for replacing the aforementioned failing water heater, also from someone who is interested in doing the work (Thank heavens!)
  • Meet with the property manager to, among other things, discuss next steps on the roof. He was able to seal up the hot (wet?) spots, and now has an action plan to move forward.
    • Also on our ‘countdown to being able to lease the house list’ is:
      • Moving the oil stove and its fuel tank to the upper barn.
      • Replacing the well rotted (kinda like a stinky cheese) deck on the house.
      • Installing cabinet doors in the bathroom and kitchen (otherwise the house is unbabyproofable).
      • Engaging the tile guy to return to create a simple and attractive surround for the fireplace.
      • Finding a painter to take care of the ‘car deck’ style ceiling.
      • Placing address numbers for the house at the entrance to the drive, before the inspector arrives as he will tell me, again, that the property is in ‘violation’ without said numbers. 
  • Clean the top of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Paint the bathroom and north wall of the living room. Any case work or piece of the kitchen would be a bonus.
  • Change the darkroom lightbulbs so I can see in order to pack out the remainder of my dad’s negatives. Fortunately they’re in plastic sleeves, and it will be easy to slide the negatives into plastic file boxes made for the purpose. 
  • Lots more little chores.
Since my last visit, the kitchen grout/tile repair is complete, and the trailer has left the property!
We’re in the middle of a severe wind event with gusts predicted to 65 knots in our region. Tomorrow will be slightly less extreme. The ferry crossing to the Island under conditions such as these is never fun 😳. 

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