November Island Trip – Day Two

Today was productive. The following happened:

  • An actual real estimate was given to replace the water heater! 
  • After 25 minutes of trying, I gave up attempting to light the incumbent water heater, and bummed a shower from a neighbor.
  • Passed the electrical inspection. The inspector was actually jolly. A first!
  • Painted the north wall of the living room.
  • Prepped the bathroom for painting.
  • Got the insert working, and its remote hooked up. It, of course, worked perfectly for the technician!
  • Did a load of laundry and was able to dry it to the 80% mark on the line. It was sunny!!
  • Found out the spruce is in hospice with a fatal case of bark beetles. The up side is, due to its lean and the prevailing winds, if it comes down under its own power, it won’t hit the house. I was advised to move my truck, however.
  • Had visits from two lovely neighbors, one with her grandson. They were keeping dragons at bay with pipe insulation swords. Good to know how well protected I am ;->.
  • Lost this entire post last night, due to s-l-o-w connectivity and an utter lack of patience.

Onward to day Three!!

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