Novenmber Island Trip – Day Four

Today I went through the usual departure routines. Nothing dramatic or eventful took place. It was a stunning and frozen morning. The sky was a work of art, mist rising through the trees across the lake was the stuff of fantasy, and for an hour or so, my filthy truck sparkled as though it was covered with rough diamonds.

Returning to the house, after placing the painting gear in the tool shed, I experienced a moment of profound sadness. I’m sentimental, but seldom to the point emotion. This felt more like lose. I didn’t fight it, but looked around soaking up the place as the feeling passed through and by.

The very picky thrift shop took all of my offerings: One off event labeled wine glasses, cheap vases, miss matched plates and cups from the trailer etc. I was almost grateful.

I caught the earlier ferry, and even had time to stroll through town before the boat left. Once on the mainland I paused at the company where we bought our greenhouse to pick up a piece of the latest greatest plant freeze protection fabric, and then the local (delicious) food co-op to get some nibbles for the road, it being past lunch time at this point. The great find at the co-op was ‘limequats’ for my husband, who has just concocted a cocktail with one of them, and reports success. It was a good, successful trip, and it’s good to be home.

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