Catching Up

Today is for catching up on everything. It’s taking way too long to get, what seems like, very little done. Some time absorbers have been:

  • Filling out paperwork for mom’s new doctor (Dr. O’s program was de-funded by our local university. He’ll be practicing in the university hospital) took over two hours because I had to:
    • Fill out a five page form, and sign my name 23 times.
    • Ask my daughter a question, but email wouldn’t send, because the the overall email file was too big. So I spent 45 minutes culling.
    • Find Dr. O’s address.
    • Find the other Island doctor’s info, who mom saw when she was last pissed at Dr. G.
    • Make a copy of mom’s supplemental insurance card.
    • Make a copy of the front page of one of mom’s medicare EOBs, as I don’t have a copy of her medicare card.
    • Make a copy of my DPOA.
    • Package all the above up.
  • Write back to the company that’s going to replace the water heater on the Island. Research was involved before I could continue the conversation.
  • Forward the drilled well bid to Tim and our Amazing neighbor for comment. I’m out of my depth.
  • Write to the property manager.
  • Eat some lunch.
  • Check on the thawing turkey.
  • Live chatting with Costco. I received a bill from them for mom’s membership on their branded credit card, which is still in my dad’s name. This one is easy! I take my DPOA and dad’s death certificate to the store, and they’ll reverse the charge. Maybe close the card too.
  • Print out a new EOB from mom’s supplemental insurance, review, staple and file it.
  • Paid mom’s bills. Print out the bank’s confirmation, staple them to the bills, and file.
  • Awarded the water heater contract (may wonders never cease). Make copies of the signed contracts, and deposit check, staple, file… there’s a trend here.
  • Feed chickens, emptied compost, checked mail, printed something (I usually trend toward paperless) every time I turned around, got a little online Christmas shopping done…

This took over 6 hours. And, it’s not an exhaustive list, yet it seems like it should have taken far less time to accomplish. Time to step away from the desk. 

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