Thanksgiving Gathering

It was a “Successful Mission” as my daughter said, high fiving me as my husband took mom back to her AL community. Mom had a good time between watching “Funniest Home Videos” with everyone, helping my daughter with the vegetable dish (and then asking multiple times, “What’s all this for?”), and enjoying her great grandson. I admit to having a hard time interacting with mom at first. It wasn’t about worry of conversational topics, rather feeling a distance or not knowing how to comfortably hang out. The entertaining TV show helped me. It became a bridge that I was able to giggle with mom over, and make comments about.

Mom bossed the meal prep a little, but not as much as recent years. It wouldn’t have been a holiday meal if she hadn’t. She enjoyed dinner, helped serve dishes that were too hot to pass around the table, and loved dessert.

I would be ecstatic if all future gatherings met this example. I was, and am, so very thankful.

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