An Aside…

A momentary break in our normal programming to share with you a habit of our feline. 😼 Our cat likes to bring in birds. Live birds. He trots them into the house, spits them out, and then pretends he’s interested in them. I think he’s showing me cat hunting moves.

Upon my return home, late this morning, there was an even scattering of feathers across the sitting room, and around our kitchen sink along with muddy cat paw prints. 😾 I vacuumed up the feathers, including the ones on the counter, did a quick scan for the bird, and then ran out of the house to get mom to her optometrist appointment.

This evening, while cleaning the counter of its bad-cat evidence, I found the poor expired bird behind a plant. At this point, because our kitchen sink is in the corner of the room, I’m actually up on the counter in order to reach everything that needs moving in order to clean the mud and remaining feathers.

We’ve taken to closing all doors in the house to keep bird scatter to a minimum if the avian murderer strikes when we’re out. If we’re home, I’ve gotten really good at catching the terrified creatures and releasing them. At least he’s over his mouse phase. 😹

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