Optometrist Appointment

Mom has been complaining for about a month that her left cataract has returned. This is an impossibility, but obviously something was up, so I found an optometrist clinic who took her vision insurance, was near the AL community, and had good reviews. It turns out:

  • A layer of cells has built up on the back of the new lense in mom’s left eye, causing things to look clouded.
  • There is a small bleed on her left retina, and
  • There are small (microscopic) growths on the edges of mom’s lashes that arise from not wearing sunglasses. 
Mom was referred to a local ophthalmologist who has a cool laser that will, in a few seconds, zap the cell build up on the back of her left lens, ‘cleaning the window,’ as the optometrist put it. The doc wasn’t concerned about the bleed, as there was only one of them. She said they can happen when you sneeze, especially in the elderly. The doc asked mom if she wore sunglasses regularly. Mom answered in the affirmative. Mom doesn’t own a pair of sunglasses. The only time she’s worn sunglasses recently is when we go somewhere in my car with the top down. I hand her my spare pair. I’ll fix this  fashion deficit 😎. 
On the way back to the AL community, mom and I both noted what a ray of sunshine the doctor was. 

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