Holiday Party

Mom’s AL community had its holiday party yesterday afternoon. We found mom in her apartment, and headed to the living room to enjoy the music program. The entertainer played guitar, ukulele, sang, read stories and poetry, while giving us context for the stories and poems. He was a delight, and mom really enjoyed his act.

We were ushered into our early dinner seating around 4:45. The buffet was impressive, and the food delicious. Mom only gnashed about the prawns, served plain with a tomato/cocktail sauce on the side. I thought they were fine. My sainted husband agreed with mom, to the point of engaging in the critique with her. After finishing a third of her dinner, mom was ready to cruise dessert. She chose a slice of apple pie.

After dinner we headed back to the living room where Santa was Ho-ho-ho-ing, and a photographer was busy capturing memories. A pianist had taken over the entertainment. He was sublime.

The activities director had set up a crafter’s wonderland of glitter, ribbon, mini-ornaments, Christmas trees, bells, sequins, fake snow, etc… We were encouraged to make ornaments with these fun raw materials, which my husband and I lept at. Mom said she was uninspired, but clearly liked watching others get creative.

Mom’s only reference to the Island was to confirm that I’d been there, and to ask if things looked OK. Nothing about returning.., I assured her the property was secure and looked great. She smiled appreciatively, and said, “Oh good. That’s great to know.” The conversation meandered somewhere else from there.

We talked about plans for the remainder of the holidays. When Mom couldn’t keep straight that Christmas at my mother-in-law’s wasn’t in the next two days, I said, “We’ll talk in the next day or so.” knowing that by this morning mom’s sense of timing will likely have evaporated, Or not! Given that she hasn’t called today, I’m guessing she’s not troubled about what’s up next. Struggling less about this sort of stuff is a weird blessing.

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