What’s Left re Leasing the Island House

While getting things done, even with the help of a property manager, has felt herky-jerky over the last six months, there are suddenly only four main items left on the list before I can lease Island house:

  • Hooking up the drilled well. I’m still (patiently) waiting for a bid from the company that drilled the well in 1996. The family run business is now a one-man show. The bid from the other well company on the Island directs my patience…
  • A tile finish on the fireplace surround. I’ll bring up tile samples on my next (soon) visit, and will make a choice without overthinking, which I am a certified professional at doing, overthinking that is.
  • Replacing the now removed rotten deck on the south/south east quadrant of the house. I’ll design the new decking when I’m next up (Yay CAD), and turn the design over to my property manager, and our Amazing Neighbor, who mills wood. 
  • Packing out the house. This will be the Biggest thing of all, emotionally and time wise, though packing can overlap with the well install, and has no artificial deadline. 
There are still lots of things in process, some of which integrate with the above list. What’s important, a relief, is that the main list, the show-stoppers are down to f-o-u-r. 

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